About First National Real Estate Pretti

We have been in the real estate game since 1979, starting in the Fairfield Heights area, and now servicing the Green Valley area.During this time, we have built a good business, whereby some of our clients have been with us, since the beginning.  We know the importance of looking after you and your property.

Being an independent agent for over thirty three years makes us, very y proud.   However with the fast pace of current technology, web marketing systems, we believe that our clients have missed out on this during recent years.  We have seriously taken the time to look into this, and believe to move forward, we would need to embrace the technological change, which has swept over the real estate industry.
Pretti Real Estate has partnered with the First National Network, in 2013, we are now known as “First National Real Estate – Pretti Green Valley

This change has unlocked key benefits and resources that will assist us to provide continuous improvement in marketing, service and technology and will ensure a continuation of the high standard of Services from the team you have come to trust.

We shall continue to service our clients, be it selling, leasing or property management, and we promise to always put your interests first.  “We put you first”.