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Beware Loose Blinds and Curtain Cords
In the last 20 years in Australia, 15 small children have died as a result of strangulation after becoming entangled in loose cords. As part of a nation-wide awareness campaign, NSW Fair Trading is urging all Landlords of Investment properties and also parents to check and fix dangerous blind and curtain cords to help prevent more deaths.
Take Action - Follow a few safety steps:

1.    Ensure blind and curtain cords are out from reach from children
2.    Choose safe blinds and curtains - ensure new blinds and curtains have warning labels and are secure with loops or strands at a reasonable height, out of reach from children
3.    Repair old blinds and curtain cords to prevent tenant injury

If you require any further information regarding the Blinds and Curtains Guidelines or, please go to

Draft Residential Tenancies Bill 2010

The Residential Tenancies Act was passed by Parliament on Thursday, 10th June 2010.

The new Act, which marks the first major reform to the State's tenancy laws since the laws were introduced over 20 years ago is designed to

    fairly balance the rights and obligation to tenants and landlords
    modernise and update the laws in line with current practices and
    reduce the level of disputes, by providing greater clarity and certainty in the legislation

The act will not come into effect immediately , as supporting regulations will need to be developed and released for public consultation. Following completion of the consultation process on the regulations, it is propsed that the reforms will commence operation later this year. The NSW Fair Trading webasite enables interested persons to register their email address so that they can be informed when the draft regulation is released for consultation. For those without internet access Fair Trading can be contacted on 13 32 20 if a person wishes to register their details.

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 Smoke Detectors

Your properties must comply with legislation and the Building Code of Australia. All properties must have fitted working smoke alarms, fitted correctly  and has the correct number of smoke alarms fitted.  They must meet Australian Standards and are not past their expiry date.

Before the commencement of each new tenancy, all smoke alarms must be inspected, tested, cleaned and the battery changed.

 Smoke Alarm Testing Services, provides an annual visit to the property and surveys that there are the correct number of smoke alarms installed and ensure that they all comply with the current legislation. All alarms upon inspection are cleaned, has a new battery replaced and is the tested with the manual test button along with simulated smoke to ensure that it is in working order. A Certificate of Compliance is then issued.

 An annual service fee of $99.00 (incl GST).  * extra charges apply for additional alarms

 For more information please visit www. or speak to your property manager.