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Loose Blind & Curtain Cords

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Beware Loose Blinds and Curtain Cords
In the last 20 years in Australia, 15 small children have died as a result of strangulation after becoming entangled in loose cords. As part of a nation-wide awareness campaign, NSW Fair Trading is urging all Landlords of Investment properties and also parents to check and fix dangerous blind and curtain cords to help prevent more deaths.
Take Action - Follow a few safety steps:

1.    Ensure blind and curtain cords are out from reach from children
2.    Choose safe blinds and curtains - ensure new blinds and curtains have warning labels and are secure with loops or strands at a reasonable height, out of reach from children
3.    Repair old blinds and curtain cords to prevent tenant injury

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Loose Blind & Curtain Cords 01-Jul-10 Loose Blind & Curtain Cords