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Your properties must comply with legislation and the Building Code of Australia. All properties must have fitted working smoke alarms, fitted correctly  and has the correct number of smoke alarms fitted.  They must meet Australian Standards and are not past their expiry date.

Before the commencement of each new tenancy, all smoke alarms must be inspected, tested, cleaned and the battery changed.

 Smoke Alarm Testing Services, provides an annual visit to the property and surveys that there are the correct number of smoke alarms installed and ensure that they all comply with the current legislation. All alarms upon inspection are cleaned, has a new battery replaced and is the tested with the manual test button along with simulated smoke to ensure that it is in working order. A Certificate of Compliance is then issued.

 An annual service fee of $99.00 (incl GST).  * extra charges apply for additional alarms

 For more information please visit www. or speak to your property manager.

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