Industry News Digest

Industry News Digest

As technology continues to shape the industry, the traditional shopfront remains vital to recruitment of talented staff, according to two industry professionals.

A new survey has found that landlords who give their investments to a property manager are better informed, have more profitable investment properties, and are better off financially.

Mobile phone habits are still earning the industry criticism because agents continue to answer calls, instead of paying attention to their customers.


Poor mobile phone habits

MobilePhone.jpgEstate agents have been criticised for accepting incoming calls when they should be paying attention to the customer they’re with. This common problem reflects poorly on the industry and adds to the perception that real estate agents are only interested in themselves. More…

10 trends expected in 2013

Binoculars.jpgIf you want to deliver on your customers’ expectations next year, check out Trendwatching’s latest predictions of consumer tastes. It’s no surprise that customer engagement via smartphones is high on the agenda but the desire of consumers to play a more active role in product and service development could provide clues for real estate. More…


Landlords still must work

Landlord.jpgDespite the dream of property investment leading to a life of leisure, only one in 20 property investors make enough income to quit their day job. A survey of 500 Australians shows that just 6% earn a full-time living from rents paid by their tenants. More…

Most successful hand investments to agents

50.jpgFifty per cent of investors give the management of their rental portfolio entirely to a property manager. So concludes a new study by consultants BDRC Jones Donald. It also finds that those same landlords are better informed, have more profitable investments, and are better off financially. More…



1 in 5 unprepared for criticism

Unprepared.jpgOne in five businesss are completely unprepared for online criticism says Social Media Influence