Landlords Corner

Your investment property is your nest egg and needs to be protected. We encourage our owners to do the following:
  • Landlord/tenancy insurance. Protect your property against unforseen circumstances and have peace of mind that your property is covered
  • Building/Contents insurance. Cover of your property  and its contents is essential in case of fire, flood etc. You need to insure your property for the full replacement cost of the building and its contents. It is vital that your property is not underinsured.
  • Smoke Alarms. All properties are now required to have a smoke alarm/detector fitted. Regular maintenance and testing is essential and is the responsibility of the landlord. For more information please see "industry news" on our website or visit
  • Periodical Inspections. It is strongly advised that all landlords take the opportunity to inspect their properties when the periodical inspections are carried out. It will show any repairs that need to be carried out or any that may need to be done in the future.
  • Repairs. Repairs should be carried out as soon as they arise as this will prevent any further damage from occuring and any compensation claims
  • Regular contact. Communication with your agent is essential in the smooth management of your property. You need to notify your agent if any of your contact details change.