Len Pretti's CTTT Profile and Cases Won

Len Pretti’s Tribunal Hearing Profile

During his 40 years experience in Real Estate, Len Pretti has developed a highly, respected reputation for defending clients in the Consumer, Traders, Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) and The Retail Leases Division/ Administrative Decisions Tribunal, attaining desired outcomes. Len Pretti is known for his close attention to detail when preparing for a Tribunal Case as well as demonstrating sharp precision and accuracy. It is Len’s ultimate passion to successfully deliver pristine service and high excellence with every case he undertakes; without a doubt, Len strives to effectively argue the rights and responsibilities of both Landlords and Tenants alike.
Len has successfully represented both Landlords and Tenants in a wide variety of cases including some of the following:

Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
·         Defending reasonable lock security claims.
·         Claims for Compensation against Landlords relating to Tenant injury or damage.
·         Claims for Compensation against Real Estate Agents relating to inferior property management practices.
·         Bond claims – often resulting in Landlord insurance claims.
·         Defending tenants where inadequate repairs and maintenance have been carried out by Landlords.
Retail Leases Division/Administrative Decisions Tribunal
·         Incorrect size measurement of retail shops
·         Evictions for outstanding rent monies owing
·         Compensation for malicious damage to commercial premises
·         Infringing/Breaching of Lease Agreement/Terms and Conditions
·         Bond Claims – often resulting in Landlord Insurance Claims
 As a result of his experiences and outstanding successes, Len has been able to comment on and act on behalf of Landlords that have challenging situations with Tenants through programs such as 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Today Tonight and Enough Rope with Andrew Denton. Appearing on these programs has increased Len’s profile and he is often requested to travel throughout New South Wales to represent clients at Tribunal Hearings.
If you are a Landlord or Investor that has issues or concerns relating to any/all of the above, please consider seeking professional advice and guidance from Len Pretti. As a Licensed Agent, Len has the expertise to review your documentation for a particular case and prepare the defense on your behalf. With more Real Estate experience than the average Agent, you can rest assure that Len Pretti will look after you and your Investment Asset, whether it be a Residential or Commercial Investment.
Len Pretti believes

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”
If you require Len Pretti’s services or further information relating to his Real Estate expertise, please do not hesitate to contact him via email:
Links to examples of case files relating to Len Pretti at Consumer, Tenancy, Tribunal.