Meet Leonard Pretti

Leonard Pretti

Leonard Pretti
Founder, Director and Licensee

Beginning his career in Real Estate in 1969, Len Pretti went on to open his first office in 1979 in Fairfield Heights with only 66 managements to his name.

Through sheer hard work and determination, Len developed his own unique style and focused on helping his landlords with their properties. To this date, Len Pretti oversees the management of 1700 properties all located within the Sydney and Coastal Areas.

Len Pretti is an Agent on a mission – to serve the needs of all customers both Landlord and tenants, using the best possible advice in the Real Estate Industry. This is shown with the hundreds of emails Len receives from all over Australia from both Landlords and Tenants wanting his critical and constructive advice.

The path to a comfortable security relies on more than just saving a few dollars. Bricks and mortar are able to create this path, but to be successful; you must have a reliable manager that will look after your property investment as if it was their own.

Len recognised that these were not just "bricks and mortar" that he was managing; rather, they were someone's life savings that he was responsible for. Len Pretti ensures all his Landlords and clients the hassle-free, trustworthy and optimistic experience when you sign with HIM. Len himself has experienced the highs and lows of owning several investment properties; his work fulfilling assignment is to protect and counsel Landlords as well as organise and nurture the properties he has been given to manage.

Len Pretti currently supervises the entire Property Management portfolio as well as managing his own Commercial Portfolio.

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