Tenant Information

All you need to know about Renting

The most common questions asked by prospective Tenants are ‘where do I start’, ‘what do I do’ and ‘what documentation will I need’.
The information below will answer most of these questions and make it easier for you to find a suitable property.
When deciding to rent a property, you need to ask yourself:
  •     Where would I/We be happy living?
  •     Do I need to be close to a train station, bus stop or school?
  •     Do I need a garage?
  •     How many bedrooms do I need?
  •     Must I have a house, or will a town-house, duplex or unit be suitable?
  •     If you are single, are you considering sharing with someone?
  •     How much can I realistically afford to pay?

The answers to the above questions will help you refine your search considerably.
If you are considering sharing then you would be best to have the property in your name only, then, if your friend of partner does not work out it’s easier to ask them to leave. Remember, its little things that can make the difference between harmony and torment. Money is the most common cause of dispute. Make sure you work out your budget and how bills will be paid.
Please note that by law you cannot sub-let without the consent of the landlord.

So how do you find a property?

These days, the Internet is the most widely used advertising source.
Look on the local agent’s web sites or visit www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au
Visit one of Pretti Real Estate’s offices and collect a rental list of available rental properties. You can also contact our office by phone and enquire about available rental properties and organised inspections for those properties.

Attending Open House Inspections

If you are interested in one of our advertised rental properties, simply contact our Agency to find out when the open house inspection has been organised; due to the current high demand in Rentals, we conduct public open house inspections for all prospective tenants.

If the property has not become available yet, we will kindly forward your contact details to the Property Manager who will get in touch with you once an open house inspection has been arranged.

Pay Attention to Open House Inspections

When attending an internal inspection of a rental property, pay attention to the size of the dwelling and consider whether you and your family will be comfortable living in the property. Ask yourself, does it have air-conditioning, a decent yard (or none)? What is the bath/shower like? Are their bedroom built-ins or wardrobes? Are the windows in good condition? Are the floor materials whether tiles/lino/carpet or timber floorboards in satisfactory condition? These matters can all be forgotten in the moment, so it would be helpful to make a checklist to take with you when viewing properties you really like.

Completing Application Form

After you have viewed a rental property, the Property Manager will give you a copy of our Company Tenancy Application onsite. Unlike other Real Estate Agents, we do require an application to be detailed and thorough in order for us to process your Tenancy request.
As well as completing the application form, you will need the following:
  •     Photo identification  -  such as passport, drivers license or photo ID
  •     Proof of employment and income - (2) most recent pay slips, bank statements or centre link statements
  •     Proof of your current address -  council rates, water rates, electricity bill
  •     If Self-employed - Business Registration Certificate, Tax Return, letter from Accountant verifying self-employment status
  •     Previous/Current Rental History - Rental History Ledger, current rent receipts/Lease agreement, reference from Agent and Agent’s Contact Details.

Once you have submitted your application to one of our offices, it takes 2 working days to process the application. When we have fully processed the application and advised the Landlord of the response, we will contact you to notify you of whether you have been approved or declined.

Application approved

Once your application has been approved you will be asked to come to our Agency and pay a holding deposit or reservation fee for the rental property; this fee accounts to one (1) weeks rent (the rental price the property was advertised at) and can be paid through EFTPOS,BANK CHQ/MONEY ORDER OR BPAY, EFT into Trust account.  – NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. On the same day you pay the reservation fee, the Property Manager will provide you with the total monies owing, including Residential Bond, Rent in Advance and the Lease fee. They will also organise with you a date and time to sign the Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement and to receive a copy of the property keys.

After Signing

After signing the Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement, you will be given a copy of the Lease for your own records. Upon the release of keys to you, we will ask you to sign a document to verify the amount of keys/remote control you were given on the Lease Sign-up date. You will also have to sign the Bond Lodgment form so that we can process the Bond through the Rental Bond Board.
Next, you will be given 2 copies of a document called an Ingoing inspection/condition report. Your responsibility regarding this is to:
Ensure you spend sufficient time to examine the report carefully (this is the report provided by the Agent at the time you sign the lease). Take note of little things, such as: existing dust/cobwebs on blinds, grimy kitchen cupboards, dirty filters in stove range hoods, scratches on polished floors, any marks on carpet, marks on doors and walls, built-up dust on ceiling fans, missing light bulbs, weeds in garden beds, neatness of lawn/garden, general condition of exterior paintwork etc. The more detailed you make your initial report, the easier it will be for you when you leave.
It’s important to check that all appliances are in good working order, and if they are not make a note of this and also report it to your Property Manager.

You will need to return a copy of this report along with any notes within 7 days of your signing of your Lease. Any discrepancies or relevant repairs will then be reviewed.
If you do not return the report the office copy will be used as a guide to any unfair wear and tear on the property when you vacate.

Rental bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the Rental Bond Board, NSW Office of Fair Trading. The bond is held by them as security against damage, undue wear and tear or cleaning after you vacate.
Be sure to protect your bond, by leaving your property in the same condition as when you first took up occupancy. Once you leave, we as the managing Agent will inspect the property and compare the condition at the end of your tenancy with the condition it was in at the beginning. Except for fair wear and tear you can be made responsible for any cleaning, outstanding rent or damage. Don’t forget, your bond is usually equal to 4 weeks rent for unfurnished premises and 6 weeks rent for furnished premises. If you’re paying $300 per week then your bond is $1200 – so make sure to leave your property looking good so your bond can be returned.

Rental payments and Rent Arrears

You are expected to pay your rent on time, all the time. If for some reason you are going to be late you should contact your Property Manager and let them know immediately. When you signed your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you undertook the responsibility of paying your rent on time & in advance at all times. We expect you to make your rental payments consistently and on a regular basis.

Please also note that constant arrears in a Tenant’s record do not look good for future rental opportunities. We would not be able to give a Tenant who is always in Arrears a good reference if they ever needed one.


Landlords are not psychic nor are Property Managers. You may know that the oven has stopped working and whine about it, but unless someone reports this fact, no one will know it needs fixing. Don't be shy in reporting any difficulties. Having things fixed at no cost to you is one of the privileges of being a Tenant. A good landlord and their Property Manager will also appreciate knowing if something needs doing.
Our web site has a link under the Renting Tab that will allow you to report the need for a repair – please complete our Maintenance Request Form online and forward to our Agency. You may also make your report via an email to the office, or, report the fault to the office by phone.


It is your responsibility as the Tenant to ensure you have contents insurance for your own possessions against theft or damage. By Law the Landlord is not liable for your loss or damage to any item