Tenants Guide to Renting with Our Agency

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The following information is provided to all Tenants renting one of our managed rental properties:


It is the Tenant’s responsibility to arrange for the connection/disconnection and use of services to the property.


he Ingoing Inspection Report is as important to you as your Tenancy Agreement. It establishes the condition of the property at the commencement of your Tenancy and will be used as a comparison at the end of your tenancy as the basis on which your bond will be refunded.
Therefore, please check it thoroughly and amend and add comments where necessary, then kindly return the original signed copy (all pages) to one of our offices within (7) days after the commencement of you tenancy (Keep the pink copy for your records). If the signed report is not returned, problems could occur at the end of your tenancy regarding your Bond Refund.


The Residential Tenancies Act provides you with information on your tenancy, rights and obligations as a tenant. Upon signing the Residential Lease Agreement with our Agency, we will provide you with a copy of the Renting Guide.


We suggest that you keep your agreement and inspection report in a safe place during the term of your tenancy.


Payment can be made by E.F.TPOS/Cheque/Money Order. No Cash accepted in and of our offices.
Our office is open between 9.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 3.00pm Saturdays for the payment of rent. If you decide to post your rent by cheque, please print your name and address on the back of the cheque. Our secured mailbox situated on the front door of the office allows you to drop your rent after hours provided that it is in an envelope with your name and address marked clearly on it as well as the amount inside. Please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your receipt.

Otherwise, please use the B Pay Card, which is issued upon Tenancy, Bank by Phone or Internet when & where you want. Contact your bank for telephone banking, to register for automated telephone banking, if you haven’t already done so. Then when you call, follow the recorded prompts, to pay rent out of your cheque or savings account.

Or, to use your credit card to pay rent, take advantage of Rental Rewards (contact your Property Manager and request a brochure for further details).

Or follow link to Rental Rewards:

First National Pretti Green Valley Tenants

It is clearly stated on your Tenancy Agreement that rent is to be paid (2) week in advance at all times, this is to reach our office on or before the due date. If for any reason, you are experiencing difficulty in meeting your rental commitment. Please contact your property manager immediately.

When rent is 3-4 days overdue, your property manager will call and remind you that payment has been missed. Please remember though, it is not our responsibility to call you to remind you of your rental payments. Read your Agreement conditions and keep your rent in advance – we do not tolerate late payment of rent. After 15 days a Termination Notice is issued, and an application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal is made for a hearing. Remember, most of our landlords have recurring financial commitments to meet and rely upon the rent being on time.


As soon as you have the telephone connected, please advise us of your new landline number. Also, if you change employment during your tenancy, advise us of your new employer and new business phone number.
Quite often the situation arises where we need to contact you urgently to arrange repairs, etc, so correct telephone contact numbers are essential.


The owner’s insurance policy covers the building and fittings only. It is your responsibility to insure your own personal items of clothing, electrical, furniture etc…..
With the ever-increasing incidence of burglary and theft, we strongly recommend that you take out contents insurance cover.


Your tenancy is not terminated until all keys are returned to our office.
If, at any time during your tenancy you change any of the locks, the Act clearly states that you must supply us with a key.


We have an experienced team of tradespeople capable of handling the vast majority of repairs that are required. As soon as a problem occurs, please contact us immediately giving your name, address, description of the problem and advise how access can be gained to the property.


The act is most explicit about procedures Tenants must take for emergency & after hours repairs. Should an emergency repair be require after normal business hours, firstly try to contact your property manager on their mobile phone, or if you are unsuccessful, please contact our Paging Service on 0429-773-884.
This 24/7 Emergency Service is not for Rental enquires, but rather ONLY for urgent repairs and other relating matters.


During your Tenancy a periodical inspection will be carried out. The Act allows for four (4) per year, however, we try to do one (1) every 6 months or so. You will be notified in writing by our Property Inspectors of the date and time of the inspection. This Inspection only takes up duration of approx. 20 minutes.


After your lease has expired and you wish to vacate, The Residential Tenancy Act states that (21) days written notice must be given after the expiration of the agreement, or (14) days written notice must be given prior to the expiration of the agreement.
Please be aware that you cannot use your bond to pay for any outstanding rent, all rent must be paid to the vacate date.

If however, you wish to break your lease, as per the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, there will be financial penatlties that you will be required to pay to the Landlord of the rented property for their loss of rent period. Please refer to you Residential Lease Agreement.


The Owner has approved your Tenancy and the Tenancy Agreement is in your name. You are responsible for meeting all the requirements and conditions of the Agreement unless it is assigned to another person(s) or cancelled by mutual consent.
If a new tenant is to replace an existing tenant, a new application for tenancy must be completed and approved by the owner before any changes can occur.


If there is a break-in, fire or water flooding at the property you are renting, you must contact your Property Manager immediately.
Break-in: Must contact your local Police Station and organise for them to conduct a report; you must also contact your Property Manager and provide them with the Police Event No as well as further information regarding the incident if needed.
Internal Fire/water flooding: Must call the 24/7 Emergency Pager Service immediately on 0429 773 884.
Police Station Contact Numbers:
Fairfield (02) 9728 8399  Emergencies needing Police, Fire or Ambulance assistance > PHONE 000
Wetherill Park (02) 9757 5503
Liverpool (02) 9821 8444 State Emergency Service (SES) > (02) 4251 6111
Green Valley (02) 9607 1799
Parramatta (02) 9633 0799 Sydney Water Board Emergency Service > 13 20 90
Penrith (02) 4721 9444
Blacktown (02) 9671 9199


The essence of a successful and trouble-free Tenancy is effective communication between all three (3) parties, the tenant; the agent; and the landlord.
Tenant’s major requirements are that the property is maintained in good order and that they have peaceful enjoyment: the Landlord knows the property is kept in good order and rent paid on time; and the Agent notified of problems that might affect either party’s requirements.
In other words, if there is a problem, we must be advised promptly. In most cases if this is done, problems can quickly and efficiently be rectified to everybody’s satisfaction.

Our property managers are here to assist you in makiing your Tenancy as comfortable as possiible.. Please direct any problems or enquires you may have to the property manager of your property.