Selling Tips

8 Simple Steps to Marketing your Property

There are many questions when you decide to sell your property. How do you choose the best agent?
How can you reach potential buyers?
What price is the right price? How do you market your property?
When do you accept an offer or make a counter offer?
This guide to marketing your property outlines the steps that will help you get the best results when you decide to sell.

STEP 1: Selecting a Successful Sales Team

When it’s time to find a professional to help sell your property, service, experience and company support are paramount. Ask a lot of questions about unique services and what action the Sales representative will take to market your property.
Ask your selected agent these questions - What guarantees of service are offered? What are your obligations to the Sales Representative if the property doesn’t’ sell? How can you can ensure you property will get maximum exposure?
It is important to remember that whatever agent you choose to sell with, the sales representative that sells your property receives a fee that will be charged to you based on a percentage of the selling price.
The fee, also known as Agent’s Commission, covers personal consultation, marketing expense, sales materials, advertising and promotion, FOR SALE and SOLD signs, assistance in negotiating offers as well as sales representative attendance at final pest, building and council inspections and the task of solicitor follow ups.

STEP 2: Agree on a Marketing Plan

Your property is not something you sell every day. In fact, for most people it is their largest asset. To successfully market your property, their needs to be a well organised marketing scheme put in place.

Your First National Pretti Green Valley Sales Consultant will prepare a marketing plan to show you how your property will be marketed to the public. This will include when and where the property is to be advertised, agreeable dates and times for open houses and any unique promotions.

At First National Pretti Green Valley, your property will be strongly promoted through display advertisements, weekly newspaper editorials, and mailings to potential buyers in the area as well as the search and selection of potential buyers from a database of property investors.
Why are more people choosing to go with First National Pretti Green Valley?


Our Sales Consultants:
  •     Are full-time, trained Real Estate professionals of the highest standard
  •     Undertake month to month training to ensure their negotiation skills are maintained
  •     Are experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, dedicated and sincerely trustworthy to all clients
  •     Are a team of people working together to obtain the best results for you

  •     Our marketing action plan develop the best way to market  your property
  •     Your property is immediately placed on many internet websites
  •     Our skillful negotiators will put more dollars in your pockets
  •     Our staff match your property features with interested buyers listed on our database
  •      And our team ensure nothing is overlooked when selling your property

STEP 3: Determine an Asking Price

The most important decision you can make with your Sales Consultant is to establish the right price for your property. That is the best price that we can negotiate that you are willing to accept. Your First National Pretti Green Valley Sales Consultant will provide you with a comparative market analysis; this document lists the prices and descriptions of properties in your neighborhood that have recently sold, are currently for sale, and those listed that did not sell. This strategy will help establish a price that will attract potential buyers and also ensure a quick but most effective sale.

The Real Estate Market is always changing. It helps to understand how the market conditions can affect your position as a seller.

Lower availability of properties; many buyers. Properties usually sell quickly; prices often increase. Multiple offers are common.

You may be able to set a higher selling price. You may be able to reject conditional offers. You may have more time to decide whether to accept an offer.

Your Sales Consultant can tell you what state the market is in at the time you are considering selling your property.

STEP 4: Authorise a Listing Agreement

The first step to marketing your property is to enter into a listing agreement – a contract that commits a Real Estate agent to actively market the property for a specified period of time. It commits you to pre-established professional fee; the Commission – upon the completion of the Sale.

STEP 5: Show your Property

First Impressions are Lasting impressions. You will want to ensure buyers looking at your property are left with the best possible impression. Walk through and be picky, try and see what a purchaser will see, not what you have overlooked for years. Make a list of repairs and improvements that need to be made. Buyers will add costs of repairing and maintenance. This can lower the price or lengthen the time to sell your property.  Your objedtive is to make your home appeal to the largest possible segment of the market.  The market is always driven by buyer demand. This can be done in a number of ways:
  •     Beautiful presentation of your property exterior and interior
  •     Declutter, Clean Kitchen and bathroom
  •     Attend to Minor repairs and maintenance
  •     Declutte, Declutter, Clean, Clean r to create a welcoming atmosphere

Whether it is an open house or a private appointment, ensure your property is glowing.   Appointments/Open House Inspections will be organised in advance through your Sales Consultant.

STEP 6: Receive and Respond to Offers

An offer is a price that a buyer has put on your selling property. This offer will be presented to you by you Sales Consultant. After receiving the offer, you have three (3) options:
  •     You can accept the offer. If you accept the offer, you have sold your property, also known as UNDER CONTRACT
  •     You can reject the offer
  •     You can make a counter-offer
If you wish not to accept an offer, rather than reject the offer, you have the opportunity to make a counter-offer. Negotiating can take a few hours or a few days. The experience and knowledge of your Sales Consultant is critical to help establish a successful outcome in this stage of the selling process. Your Prettis Sales Consultant will be there for you to give helpful advice, an objective point of view and assistance in getting the best value for your property. When an offer is accepted in writing, and any conditions made are subsequently met, your home is considered sold. Your Sales Consultant will place a SOLD Sticker on your sign once the cooling-off period has expired and the balance of the deposit has been paid.

REMEMBER: When negotiating, we are on YOUR side. It is our job to obtain for you the highest price

STEP 7: Complete the Sales Transaction

There is much to be done from the acceptance of an offer until settlement date. You are expected to maintain the property in the same condition as when the buyers viewed the property.
You will need to consult with your solicitor. You will be required to sign legal papers prior to settlement which facilitate the transfer of property titles and funds. On Settlement date, after the buyer signs the necessary papers, the balance of the purchase price is paid and the title of the property is transferred to the new owners. As the managing agent of the Sale, we will receive advice from the Solicitors in the form of an ‘Order on the Agent’, once this has been received, you, the seller will receive the purchase funds. Prior to the completion of the transaction, you must ensure all keys are held by the agent for us to hand over to the buyer.

STEP 8: Plan your Next Move

You will need to plan ahead to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.  There will be utility companies to contact, change of address notifications etc.
Ensure you are well organised in advance and that you have family relatives or friends helping you with the move. When a property is SOLD, everything must go according to schedule, no step must be overlooked and all efforts must be made to avoid any delay.

If you would like clarification of this, please speak to Your First National Pretti  Sales Consultant Today!