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Most Agents would love to tell you how good they are, at First National Pretti Green Valley
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 “'Easy as pie' which refers to a simple and pleasurable experience which comes to our minds with selling our property. Mathew and Stephanie’s experience and knowledge in this area made it so simple for novice sellers like ourselves to understand. Communication and his professionalism was exceptional, we truly believe that Mathew and Stephanie's teamwork helped sell the property as fast as it did and couldn't be more ecstatic with the experience and the sale.”                            Mr & Mrs Chan Sau


226b Green Valley Road, Green Valley – 6th February 2017


“Both Mathew Bell and Stephanie Pretti provided great service. They sold my property in an amazingly short period of time and for a price that I am very happy with.”
                                                            Vendors name withheld on request.

“Both Mathew Bell and Stephanie Pretti provided great service. They sold my property in an amazingly short period of time and for a price that I am very happy with.”
                                                            Vendors name withheld on request.


3/36-38 Rowe Avenue, Lurnea – 6th February 2017

“We had been with Pretti Real Estate for 20 years and I trusted them to handle the sale as I had with their property management services. We had a few other agents approach us, but I explained my long term relationship with Pretti they went away.
The service from Mathew and Stephanie was awesome - the communication was brilliant, I knew every offer and background of the buyers so even though we didn't choose the highest offer we accepted the ones we thought would enjoy the property the most. The house sold insanely fast and priced as expected, Mathew and Stephanie had it sold in the first week!”

62 Oxford Street, Smithfield– 1st February 2017


“Outstanding service from Mat and Stephanie in the sale of my investment property!  Mat's photos of the property were excellent.  I was kept up to date with feedback and progress throughout.  The sale took longer than expected and probably due to the uniqueness of the property, but Mat and Stephanie continued to work extremely hard throughout, even on settlement day.      
I'm glad to have had Mat and Stephanie as my sales team! “
                                                                                                                                                              Ms Fenech


714 & 714a The Horsley Drive, Smithfield– 27th January 2017

“I had previously worked with Mathew Bell, so the decision to used First National Pretti was an easy one. The service provided by Stephanie and Mathew was faultless. We were very happy with the photography, even to the extent of Mat arranging a drone to take photos and video!  We found the weekly updates with follow up phone calls excellent. Given our particular circumstances we were lucky to achieve the price we did, we are very happy.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mr & Mrs Waters


14 Cascarilla Street, Figtree– 21st January 2017
11 January 2017

“When we decided to sell we had six other agents out to see what our house was going to sell for. They were all very pushy trying to make us sell with them. Mathew and Stephanie felt they were good people, very honest and genuine. They provided us with evidence of other houses selling and didn’t force us to do anything. They are very straight forward and honest.
The photos they took and the floor plan got a lot of people interested before the auction. We were very nervous but we prayed for a good result on the auction day and Mathew and Stephanie sold our house for more than what we wanted. We are very happy and can move to Queensland and buy with no debt.
We will tell our family and friends of the great work and everything we learnt about selling a house from Stephanie and Mathew. They are a very good team.”                                               Mr & Mrs Prasad


14 Jabiru Street, Green Valley – 17th December 2016


“What can we say about a dynamic duo like Stephanie and Mathew? They are dynamic in every sense of the word.  They showed the house continuously. They kept us informed every step of the way, understood that the sale was and still is so very emotional and listened to us recount many stories about our parents’ home. Saw us cry, wiped away the tears and understood for us this wasn't just a sale of our house but it was our home. Thanks Stephanie and Mat, we owe you for your hard work and dedication”         Colleen Cahill and Narelle Ball

211 Whitford Road, Green Valley – 14th November 2016


“We love Mathew and Stephanie, they were hand-picked after scouring most of the agent profiles in the area. I researched individual agents to understand what they are about and assess what drives and motivates them, money, reputation, passion etc. This was done using social media, asking around the local area and speaking to people who have bought and sold recently. Integrity is very important to us, we like dealing with honest, upfront and logical people and this is what we were looking for.

I did thorough research on both Mathew and Stephanie, and knew I had to meet them in person. Mathew is a decorated soldier who served in the Australian Army and a renowned real estate agent, this tells me he has a high degree of loyalty, commitment and does not believe in quitting. Stephanie on the other hand has realty in her blood, she comes from a family who has been getting families in homes for a very long time and who are genuine people. She is a very well accomplished agent who is lovely to deal with, very honest and has a personal stake in her family’s legacy. From the very first meeting, we felt so comfortable with them, they were instantly part of our family. They were always happy to help even if it had nothing to do with our house sale, they were happy to give us general property advise and tips and tricks, they were looking out for us and will forever be our mates.
A few other agents came out, they all told us what they think we wanted to hear…..that they will sell our house for a fortune.  The Pretti sales team gave it to us straight, they spoke logically, were honest and realistic. Their level of professionalism is unmatched, they were very polite, looked great and had a business proposal that is mind blowing unlike the one pagers everyone else uses. That told us they take their jobs very seriously and have a great passion for what they do.

The Photography was awesome, I am a web designer and when I say photos are awesome…..they are freaking awesome.  Mat and Steph were with us every step of the way, whichever way the market would go, we would know. They kept giving us verbal and written updates and summaries that helped us form strategic approaches to sell our house
The property was not on for too long and we got the price that Mat and Steph both said we would. Again, this is why I will only sell my house with them, ever. They didn’t tell me I would get an unrealistic amount for my house just to suck me in, then a few weeks later apologise and say the market went bad. They gave me a logical and reasonable estimate and I actually sold for the amount they said I would.”            
Mr & Mrs Badr

3/10 Peacock Close, Green Valley – 11th November 2016

“We chose First National Pretti because they managed our property while it was tenanted. We never had any problems and developed the trust with them over the years. We researched other agents and also through other people’s recommendations. We didn't have any other agents out mainly because we didn't like the over exaggerated promises they made. Several agents were constantly emailing us asking us to contact them, however, we didn't know or trust them.
Mathew Bell and Stephanie Pretti were incredible.  They explained everything to us, were honest, approachable, understanding and hard working. The photographs of the property were great. Mathew definitely has a hidden talent with his photography.

We received a lot of feedback and weekly reports from Stephanie and Mathew.  Some of the comments made by the prospective buyers were very disappointing and several times we almost lost hope, however, Mathew and Stephanie were very supportive and encouraging. We knew that this was a good time to sell as advised by both of the agents as well as the research on internet and media. Our property was sold within five weeks and we are extremely happy with the price!
We would recommend and sell again with the team at First National Pretti. It was our first auction and unforgettable experience thanks to Stephanie and Mathew!” Mr & Mrs Novak
| Sold in 5 weeks – Opinion 108.9% |


6 Gosse Place, Bonnyrigg Heights
8 October 2016

We chose First National Pretti to sell our house because after searching for local Real Estate Agencies, Mathew’s profile, impressive sale performance and friendly appearance very much appealed to us. We called First National Pretti as our first choice of contact and Mathew came over to see us, even at a very short notice, and took us thoroughly and patiently through all the steps involved for selling our home. From the expected market value, their fees and marketing costs, answered numerous questions, as this was something new and a bit daunting to us as this house as been our first and only property in 24 1/2 years.
We also had two other agents over to get different points of views but we were not satisfied about their vague approach from the value of our house, their fees and marketing costs. But none gave out the good vibes we had felt when meeting Mathew and the same again when we met Stephanie for the first time.
The level of service provided by both Mathew and Stephanie has been most kind and helpful, very friendly, exceptionally efficient and extremely professional at all times. We were more than happy with Mathew’s photos. He took great professional shots of all the rooms and highlighted the best features of our house for the display sale panel and marketing material. Mathew is also a great photographer and an asset to his office.
Both Mathew and Stephanie were keeping us informed of interested parties, viewed times on websites and in the loop with the weekly reports. WOW is the first word that comes to our mind regarding the price we sold for. The timeframe was quite short and impressive and the price achieved was way beyond our own expectations.
Mathew and Stephanie are both amazing friendly persons, exceptional professionals and always strived to achieve the best sale result for us. We’d without a doubt recommend at First National Pretti and it’s amazing crew to all our families and friends.” Mr & Mrs Soler
| Sold in 2 weeks – Opinion 104.2% |

7 Gosling Avenue, Green Valley
23 September 2016

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